Your First Month in London

If you?ve not had the luck to grow up in the city, it can be overwhelming when you move there to study or work for the first time.

It?s one of the most expensive cities on the planet, and the largest in Europe, connected by an interlocking web of bus networks, overground, underground and national trains as well as trams, and a cable car. The tube network alone is complicated enough that no one?s quite sure how many lines there are.

When you first move to the capital, getting settled into your new home is your first priority. Whether you?re moving up into your new home in one fell swoop, or spending some time sofa surfing with friends first it may be worth looking into keeping your possessions in storage for a while to take the pressure of transporting them a long distance on moving day. If you?re looking for cheap storage London has plenty of options, and this gives you the chance to move into your flat or house share in phases rather than in one stressful day.

Once you?ve unpacked so your new flat feels like your new home, you?ll need to get to know your new area. If you?re moving in with, or at least close to friends, you?ll have an advantage here. It?s not just important to find the nearest shops and pick your new local. You need to check out your local transport links. Think about your journey to work: while the tube is the go to solution for millions of Londoners every day, it might not be the best choice for you. If you?re prepared to take a little longer to get to work, you might be able to get a cheaper bus. If you don?t mind paying a little more you might be able to luxuriate in more space on a national rail train, for example the service running between Victoria and London Bridge. Getting up half an hour earlier could well be an effort worth making if it guarantees you a seat on your commute.

One of the most important things you can learn early on in London is when to call it a night: it?s a city with world class theaters, restaurants, bars and clubs. The temptation to let a drink with your colleagues turn into a night out is ever present, and being able to head for home at a sensible time will be good for your health, happiness and perhaps most importantly, wallet.

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