Working Out on a Budget

By Kennedi Rose / July 31, 2013

Use soup cans as weights. Photo credit: Steven DePolo / Flickr

Here are some tips to help you work out on a budget.

#1: Use household items to work out with instead of purchasing equipment. You can use soup cans as weights and paper plates to slide around to sculpt muscles.

#2: Work out with your body weight, and do squats, pushups, and lunges. This way you can work out anywhere without needing anything.

Use your own body as resistance. Photo Credit: Lululemon Athletica / Flickr

#3: Find free workouts on the internet YouTube that you can do to keep changing it up.

#4: Buy cheap equipment. If you do spend money on fitness equipment, you can do it without breaking the bank. You really can do many workouts with handheld dumbbells and an exercise mat.

#5: Buy multi-use equipment, an exercise ball can be used for lots of different exercises and so can an incline bench.

#6: Buy one big item. A treadmill might seem like a luxury but it can be used in many different ways to work out, especially if you live in a climate with lots of rain, ice or snow.

Invest in one big item, like a treadmill. Photo credit: Mahidoori / Flickr

#7: Take advantage of the outdoors, run on trails, bike down roads, and hike up mountains. Getting outdoors and moving is free, so you can do it as often as you want.

#8: See if your community offers free workout classes, and find out when they are. Lots of places have health incentives for the city so they will plan some free workout activities you can sign up for.

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