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First of all — a massive “Congratulations” goes to Ginger, the winner of the $50 Giveaway! She has been emailed. Thanks to everyone who entered. STAY TUNED for the NEXT GIVEAWAY, coming VERY SOON! I’ll probably announce the next giveaway in the next week or two, so keep tuning in!

Now, to share the spotlight a little bit, here’s another collection of writers who discuss beauty on a budget …

Chic Shopper Chick says that at 29, you’d think her acne-ridden days would finally be over — but they’re not. In this post, she describes using ProActiv, and she wonders if maybe her fiance “hooked her up” with that skin care company on the sly. She also has a photo of herself posing with her daughter, and the duo is adorable.

A Mom in Red High Heels discusses ways to boost your confidence. Her suggestions include such gems as — “Get a hairstyle and color that is all YOU. Don?t be swayed by trends and eager stylists.” I definitely have a problem with this, as I tend to get swayed by whatever my stylist recommends.

Savvy Skin shows us Celebrities with Bad Plastic Surgery. Just one more reason — in addition to the cost! — that you should think twice before going under the knife …

Prairie Eco Thrifter discusses how to eat sustainably. Look at the beautiful, delicious photo of fresh fruits and veggies!

Meanwhile, Roshawn at Watson, Inc. tells us how much money Kim Kardashian makes.

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