Why Toner is a Waste of Money

By Kennedi Rose / March 6, 2013

Do your friends or family tell you that you should apply toner to your face in order to get it squeaky-clean? Well, guess what ? you don’t have to. Skip the toner, save some money, and avoid drying out your skin.

People use toner to get a tingly feeling, remove excess oils and makeup, and achieve extra-clean skin. They’ve been taught that getting their faces extremely clean at the end of the night will help them avoid acne and slowdown aging.

But unless you’re wearing a lot of makeup (think circus clown) or you’re using bar soap on your face (don’t do this!), toner is a waste of money. It’s an unnecessary additional step that costs you both time and cash.

In addition, it might dry out your face — which means it could be also bad for your skin. If you’re already washing your face, there’s no need to take this extra step.

A bottle of toner at Target costs about seven dollars. Assuming that it last you for three months, you’re spending $28 per year on toner. Cut toner from your routine, and you can redirect that money towards a cute pair of shoes, a new shirt, or extra savings for your trip to California or New York.

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