Why My Early Morning Walk Routine Made Me Feel Negative


I recently started going on walks regularly. I didn’t like walking on the streets in the morning, and in cities, that is what you get if you want to go out for a walk. You walk on cement roads surrounded by closed shops and buildings with cars parked on both sides of the road. The occasional vehicle that zips by in the morning, breaking the silence of dawn – everything doesn’t contribute to a peaceful walk.

I always thought about what should I do to counter this issue. There’s a proper path that walkers take because it is an area that is under development. Towers are being built, some are half-built, but the surrounding still has nature dominating. I still didn’t like going on a walk where I lived. 

One of the reasons could be that you encounter people you know more often than you would like. They stop to talk to you and it is rude for you not to, so, you have to stop too. This just breaks the rhythm. Most people go on walks as if they are just marking a thing off of their lists, it doesn’t matter if they are doing it in a way that is beneficial for them.

I am pretty sure walking at a snail’s pace while gossiping about the girl they say their neighbor’s son with isn’t exactly what we count as “going for a walk to be healthy.” Not only that, they have to greet and stop and talk to every person they come across. If people you already know aren’t enough, then they start greeting people who are regulars on the walk.

I couldn’t escape the sorry excuse for walks. If I tried actually walking, then aunties would get offended that it is supposed to be a group. My mom and her walking buddies kept talking. I would often wander away and walk in the opposite direction if we were walking in big circles.

Gossiping to me is a huge waste of time. I don’t like partaking in it even if it means being a passive listener. So, this just made me start the day with negativity. I learned that I don’t care about other people’s lives enough to start my day with irrelevant things about them. I didn’t like my morning to be filled with judgments.

And I definitely wanted to get something out of my walking regime. If not physical fitness, then at least mental clarity. So, I stopped going for walks altogether. Recently, I have started going on walks with my friend who lives a 30-minute train ride away. I take the morning train, enjoy the ride and partake in a proper walking experience.

While it might not seem logical to people, the decision of traveling to just go for a walk, the results I have seen are more than enough for me to keep doing it. I will let you know how it is better next week. Don’t remember to stay updated so that you can read my realization post.

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