Why I Love My Garden

By Kennedi Rose / May 4, 2012
why i love my garden

I love my garden during the spring, though it consists of only the most basic ground coverings, blossoming trees, a few silver ferns and a handful of potted perennials.

It’s not like the manicured gardens across the street. And that’s okay.

I like the way my garden’s crazy, untamed and un-coordinated overgrowth reminds me of the wilderness. I like how the plants are untamed, and they just grow where ever they want.

It reminds me of being a child on the first day of summer break. I didn’t have to stick to a schedule? and I didn’t worry about getting my homework done.

And now as an adult, some people want me to have a garden so manicured that it needs daily tending. It needs someone to pick off the dying flower heads, to trim back the foliage, to divide and transplant bulbs. It needs mulching, watering, and pinching. Yes, pinching. The flowers need to be “pinched” to spur growth.

That sounds like a lot of unpaid work.

One of my neighbors checks the ph balance of her yard, and adds lime or some other whatever to her garden if it’s too acidic (or too basic? I can’t remember the difference. Chemistry was never my strong suit.)

And again, it sounds like a lot of unpaid work.

I’ll stick with my garden the way it is, thank you. It reminds me of my unscheduled, unworried days of summers gone.

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