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By Kennedi Rose / August 12, 2013

Today, dear readers, I just wanted to veer off the topic of saving money for a moment, and explain why I became a blogger.

There are lots and lots of different types of online jobs. Frankly, a lot of them are more lucrative than writing, which has historically been known as a career of passion, not a career of money.

So why do I blog? Why did I pick that as an “side hobby,” rather than ? say — becoming a programmer, which is another location-independent business? Why am I writing, rather than doing something supposedly more “lucrative”?

Frankly, it?s because I enjoy writing. It blows my mind every single day that I?m able to connect with people through the internet.

And guess what? I’ve actually managed to make money doing this, thanks to freelance projects that I’ve gotten as a result of this blog. My blog has served as a dynamic business card, an avenue that?s allowed me to find clients who will pay me for freelance writing work. They see the way that I write and they ask me to work on projects for them.

I no longer have to send out pitches; my clients come to me. They seek me out.

I chose this route because I get to do whatever I?m most passionate about. I love to write and I love to consult with and help other people. I?ve chosen that as my monetization path, but the beauty of blogging is that you can choose any monetization path based on what your interests are. I’ve discovered that blogging can help you run almost any business within almost any industry.

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