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Why Botox is Not the Answer to Anti-Ageing – Face & Fitness

Why Botox is Not the Answer to Anti-Ageing

By Kennedi Rose / July 15, 2019
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Nobody wants to age, at the very least they don?t want the signs to show up on their skin. Wrinkles upset people because they are a constant reminder of aging. There are so many things that people do to get rid of wrinkles starting from using a ton of chemicals to resorting to cosmetic procedures. But is it all worth it though?

Botox is one of such procedures that people have a love and hate relationship with. Many people who go through with the procedure think that it is the only way to restore their youthful appearance. Especially people in the showbiz use it to stay relevant as they age. Regular botox will help your skin looking firm. None of that skin drooping and sagging and revealing wrinkles and age spots. But, botox is also expensive and it adds up when you have to get it regularly.

There are many ways to maintain your youth and take care of your skin that are not as extreme as getting botox. If you could take time out everyday to take care of your skin then it is sure to give you back. While using face wash and moisturizer is the basic skin care routine that most people are ready to follow, adding anti-aging products offer additional benefits and you start being prepared from early on.

Because of clean products being the focus of current industry demand, it has become easier to get organic products that aren?t as filled with chemicals as the products used to be. Of course you can go for more commercialized products and I understand the organic products can be on the cheaper side because of it being produced by mostly indie brands and raw material being sourced increases the cost. But, there are a ton of companies that have started bringing out all natural, organic, paraben and sulphate free, vegan, and cruelty free products for a cheaper price range.

Having a proper routine, even a simple one that includes washing your face and hydrating it with ingredients that suit your skin type can drastically slow down your skin aging process. It helps you restore your skin – all the dirt and pollution you are exposed to throughout the day makes your skin suffer and lose its luster. A proper care routine reduces the appearance of current wrinkles and also prevents future line from forming.

Regular injections are not something that people want to keep doing when it comes to looking their best. It makes many people struggle with confidence because of their need to want to look good and the stigma and taunting that people who do not get it use.

You don?t have to use costly botox injections, go through face lift procedures, or go through any other extreme dermatological procedures as a resort to stop your skin from aging. A healthy lifestyle, proper diet, exercise, and a good skincare routine is enough to keep you looking your best. The natural care of your body and skin is the best way to go and is also more profitable in the long run, and once you get in the habit of it, the lifestyle becomes easier to maintain.

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