Why and How to Meditate Properly?

By Kennedi Rose / October 15, 2018

Meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body. And although the important thing is to meditate, it is even more important to meditate in the right way. Many people think it to be lame or boring, but meditation actually is a great activity and a really tough one as well. Meditation helps us understand ourselves as well as the rest of the world in a better way.

Why Meditation is necessary?

There are hardly any humans today that are free from stress, worries or problems. May it be a 65 year old retired person or an 18 year old teen who is just embarking into adulthood, everyone has their share of tensions and problems. And while stress and anxiety are the outcomes of each and every problem, Meditation is the answer to all these problems. Being able to experience inner peace does not just distract you from your problem but instead, helps you look at it in a more positive way. Not panicking and staying calm is a great skill that you can inculcate, which will also help you face the difficult times in your life.

The Right Posture while Meditating

Meditation is something that liberates you, helps you go to a world free from stress and problems. So what is of utmost importance while meditating is that your body should be comfortable and relaxed. You can sit, lie down or even stand and meditate. But the time for which you are going to meditate also decides what posture will be comfortable for you for that duration. There is nothing like an ideal posture for meditation. The posture you are most comfortable in, is the ideal posture for you.

Surrounding Factors

While meditating, it is necessary that your surroundings are calm and there are no noises to distract you. Also, you have to make sure that the temperature of the room you are meditating in, is not too hot or too cold. Meditating in a comfortable atmosphere is essential as it helps us to forget all our sensations and feelings, taking us into a divine world where there is peace and tranquility. And although the surrounding factors are important, you will also realize that if you meditate properly, the surrounding factors do not really matter.

Right Way to Meditate

The first step is to get in a comfortable posture. No matter sleeping or sitting, a comfortable posture while meditating is very important. It is also important to find a suitable time when you can meditate and also stick to that specific time. Breathing deeply while meditating is something that is very important. Focusing on your breathing in a way makes you focus on meditation and keeps you free from the worries of the world. Regularity in meditation is very necessary. Fixing a time for meditation just like you do for your work and meals helps you reap the benefits of meditation in a more better way.

Thus, Meditation is something that helps in your mental and physical growth while also giving you a deeper and better understanding of yourself and the world. Hence, it is necessary to meditate and even more important to meditate in the right way to attain inner peace and be stress-free.

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