Why Airlines Are Broke

By Kennedi Rose / March 23, 2012

Have you seen that movie Pan Am? About how chic and sexy the role of airline stewardess was?

Pan Am used to be the biggest airline on earth, and now it’s bankrupt. It went out of existence in 1991.

(Kate Middleton’s mom was a Pan Am airline stewardess — she was from a poor family, and she was supposedly drawn to the profession by the adventure of flying to all kinds of far-flung locations and hobnobbing with first-class passengers.)

Here’s an infographic about why the airlines are broke. It’s surprisingly interesting, and it can probably teach you a think or two about budgeting. Think about this the next time your skin is getting dry when you’re 35,000 feet in the air.

(And P.S. — carry some rosewater to spritz on your face while you’re in-flight, to keep your skin hydrated. Just remember that it needs to be in a less-than-3-oz. bottle).


Source: http://frugaldad.com


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