Where Do Our Tax Dollars Go?

By Kennedi Rose / April 2, 2012

Now that we’re getting closer to tax season, you might be wondering: Where do all our tax dollars go?

Well, someone named Jess created this amazing Death and Taxes poster that thoroughly explains how tax money in America gets spent. It’s a non-partisan, non-political poster that’s simply meant to teach people the pure facts.

“Um, why are you chatting about this on a beauty-on-a-budget blog?,” you might be wondering.

Quite simply, I believe that:

#1: A woman of style and class is well-informed.

#2: This blog talks a lot about “personal” spending money, so at least once or twice a year it should pay attention to national spending.

#3: Taxes are the single biggest bill any of us will ever pay. Isn’t that worth learning about?

#4: The issues surrounding taxes — including education, health, and job creation / small business development — affect women and families across the U.S., and those are the people who read this blog!

So in honor of tax season, here’s a link to the page that show’s Jess’s highly-acclaimed graphic describing taxes. Jess spent two months researching this (TWO MONTHS!!) and this graphic has been featured by the New York Times, Gizmodo and — you’ll never believe this — even by Martha Stewart.

If you like it, please support Jess’ project by buying a poster. It can be a great teaching tool for your children, nieces, nephews — or yourself!


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