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What’s the Hype about High Intensity Interval Training? – Face & Fitness

What’s the Hype about High Intensity Interval Training?

By Kennedi Rose / November 12, 2018

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has become a buzz word these days due to its promise of providing high results in less period of time then be it weight loss or muscle building it is rumored to be work for the both. Before we get to the pros and cons of this type of workout let us understand what HIIT really is, High Intensity Interval Workout refers to a course a short but intensive period f exercises which include simple heart pounding cardio exercises with short interval of breaks and has been proven to be really effective in some cases. So basically its simple and quick exercising done in very less intervals of time.

It has been a rather debatable topic whether one should rely on HIIT?s or not for better overall, some people say that it just has good initial results but in the wrong run doesn?t do much to build the strength of your body, while for some this is the best workout combination they have done. We?ll let you decide the same for yourself, let?s look at the pros and cons of adopting High Intensity Interval Training.


We start with the positives or the pros of adopting the HIIT work, the pros of adopting the high intensity interval workout are as follow:-

Saves Time

He High Intensity Interval training is a very time efficient training schedule with results starting to come after just 3 run of courses. These courses are really short and the number of these you need to do during a day is also less, this makes it a really time efficient training schedule.

of these you need to do during a day is also less, this makes it a really time efficient training schedule.

Fat Loss

Majority of people report effective fat loss after just 2-3 sessions of the High Intensity Interval training and has many results that are better than other lower intensity workouts. Another benefit of these workouts is the high rate of metabolism that you develop once our body gets used to the workout.

Keeps the Muscle

Another major advantage of the high intensity workout is that minimal muscle loss takes place even when you are losing fat. It seems too ideal to be true but people have declared shocking results where the fat loss has been enormous but the muscle loss has been nothing compared when compared to fat loss.

Do it anywhere

The best part of the HIIT workouts is that you can do them anywhere and you don?t need any specialized machinery or equipment?s for the same because they are just simple cardio exercises. So you can be anywhere and if you have the will to do the same you?ll be able to do it anywhere.


Just like almost anything in this world, HIIT also has some negatives along with positives and these are as follows:-

Can Strain your body

This is a highly demanding form of exercising and can even strain your body if you don?t get used to it soon and don?t have a reasonable training base behind you.

Over training can result in injury

If you don?t follow? progressive training routine after the HIIT, the over training can result in increased risk of injuries and fractures in your muscles and limbs.

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