What Is The American Dream?

By Kennedi Rose / April 23, 2012

The American Dream calls for owning a home in a safe neighborhood, raising a family, providing your kids with a good education, and being able to heat and cool your home and own basic appliances like a refrigerator and a washer and dryer.

The American Dream says that all people – with hard work and sacrifice – should be able to achieve this, regardless of what circumstances they were born into.

So here’s some data — below — that shows how well people are doing at achieving that dream.

The good news? Despite the recession, home ownership has stayed stable, at about 65 percent. (Keep in mind that this data includes people in their twenties who are saving up for a home but haven’t been in the workforce long enough to have enough saved yet.)

The bad news? The cost of health care, housing and college have risen dramatically since 1990, even after adjusting for inflation. (Want to save money on beauty? Learn how to make your own beauty products.)

Check out this fascinating info. (P.S. Want to see more cute, colorful informative graphics? Check out this one about the best time to buy a car.)

Infographics: American Dream
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