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What is Bronzer? A Step-by-Step Tutorial – Face & Fitness

What is Bronzer? A Step-by-Step Tutorial

By Kennedi Rose / May 6, 2013

Bronzer only takes a moment to apply and results in beautiful, glowing skin. If you want that sun-kissed look, without damage from the sun, bronzer will get you there. Applying bronzer doesn?t mean caking on thick make-up Jersey Shore style. Instead, it?s lightly swept across the skin for an all-natural look. If you want radiant tan skin, without the dangers of the sun, this step-by-step guide will have you looking radiant.

What is bronzer?

Bronzer is a common name for sunless tanning and cosmetic foundation that’s meant to give your face a natural glow. Unlike tanning solutions, bronzer isn’t long-lasting. Instead, bronzer is simply something that you apply and then wash off at the end of the day.

Powder Bronzers

Powder bronzers are perfect if your skin is normal to oily. Powder bronzers are typically lightweight and offer an abundance of coverage. To apply powder bronzers, you’ll want a soft brush, like a HD Kabuki Brush, and some actual blush in an appropriate shade.

Step 1: Open your bronzer, lightly swiping your blush brush against it. The first time you apply bronzer you’ll want to use less. Your first time use is a trial, to determine how much you actually need. If it’s not enough, add a little more and remember to be more liberal next time.

Step 2: Nars Makeup artist A.J. Fresquez, suggests creating the shape of a number three across each side of your face. The top of the three should fall against your forehead, while the middle and bottom should extend to your cheeks and jawline.

Step 3: Blend with your favorite blush. Highlight around the bronzer, ensuring that your color is rich and blended.

Liquid Bronzer

Liquid bronzers are sold in tubes and bottles. These bronzers are more likely to go unnoticed, especially when paired with the right foundation. The great thing about liquid bronzer is it’s not just for the face. You can use this bronzer all over your body for a healthy-looking temporary tan.

If you?re heading into summer concerned about body image, this may also be a great time to add some exercise to your routine. Why bronze just your face, when you have a beautiful body to show off too?

Step 1: It’s important to moisturize before using liquid bronzer. An all-over moisturizer is a great choice. Simply smooth this lotion over skin wherever you’re planning on applying your bronzer.

Step 2: Using your fingers, gently apply the bronzer. Dot along your temples, neck, hairline, and anywhere else you want to apply. Gently smooth dots for an even blend.

Stick Bronzers

Stick bronzers can be difficult. If you’re brave pick up one of these unique bronzers for a very professional, photo-ready look. Stick bronzers are used to highlight certain areas. Use them around your cheekbones to really accentuate this area.

Step 1: Although stick bronzers come in an applicable stick, you won’t actually want to apply the stick directly to your face. Instead, use a makeup sponge or your fingers to gently take on the bronzer.

Step 2: Using your fingers or the sponge, gently blend the bronzer into your skin.

Step 3: Apply a matching blush or powder bronzer to finish the look.

The best way to answer the question, “what is bronzer,” is to try it. Bronzer is simply a great way to highlight skin and look like your makeup was professionally applied. Look for a bronzer that’s two or three times darker than your current skin or foundation color.

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