What Is A Mom’s Work Worth?

By Kennedi Rose / January 25, 2012

Most of my readers are women — after all, this IS a site about makeup, skin care and beauty on a budget.

Some of you ladies work outside the home, and some of you are stay-at-home wives and moms.?Some of you have children, and some of you don’t have kids yet but you’re thinking about having kids someday.

Regardless of which of those categories you fall into, I’m betting — based on national averages — that you do more than your fair share of work around the house. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc.

So to honor the beautiful women who make homes across America run smoothly, here’s a little graphic that illustrates how much the work you do around the house is “worth” in dollars — if you were to pay someone to do it all.

Just a little reminder, ladies, that you don’t need to feel guilty if you’re “not earning money”. You’re earning more than you think!

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