Do You Like The ‘Ombre’ Hair Fad?

By Kennedi Rose / September 21, 2011
ombre hair

Let’s chat about a new hairstyle trend: “intentionally” looking like your roots are grown out, with pieces of your hair lightened towards the bottom.

Hollywood’s doing it: Camila Alves, with black hair at the crown and light brown roots at the bottom, has the most dramatic looks.

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, both natural blondes, are pulling off subtle versions of ombre highlights that give them a sunkissed look.

Even Kate Middleton has a few lighter wisps framing her face. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

Check out the model:

Of course, it looks great on her. But everything looks great on a mannequin. And, quite frankly, everything looks great on Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port.

I’m pretty sure that if I tried to do it, I’d just look like my roots had grown out.

But then again, here’s a picture of a “real” person — not a mannequin or celeb — who pulls it off beautifully:


Which proves it CAN look good ….

DIY Ombre Hair

Which leads to a follow-up question: Can you DIY ombre hair? After all, a salon is expensive. Can you dye your own hair — in an ombre style — to save money?

After an extensive search, I found that the answer is yes. Here’s a post on How to Dye Ombre Hair Yourself. If you’re trying to save some major dollars, I highly recommend this.

Also, for those of you who are DIY-er’s in general: check out this post on how to make gourmet bath soaps.

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