Wear Glasses? Try Shopping Online.

It can be hard to look stylish if you’re wearing the “wrong” pair of glasses.

Glasses, after all, are an important accessory. They cover a huge portion of your face. They’re one of the first things that people see when they look at you.

That’s why its critical to get the frames “right.”

“Right” is different for everyone. Some faces look better with small frames; some with big. Some faces tend better to circular frames; some oval; some rectangular. Complexion and hair color also make a difference, as some people will be able to rock black or silver frames, while others look better in earth tones.

But there’s a problem.

Sometimes, the glasses frames that the local shops carry just aren’t the right style, color or design for your face. This might especially be an issue if you live in a small town, with limited selection.

The solution? Order online. I just got a pair of glasses from Firmoo, an online store. I custom-selected a color, shape and style that was ideal for my face.

Here, see for yourself:

If you’re looking for a customized pair of classes, check out Firmoo.com

Disclaimer: I have received a free trial pair of glasses from the company mentioned in this article.

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