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Ways to incorporate Easy fitness Routine into your life – Face & Fitness

Ways to incorporate Easy fitness Routine into your life

By Kennedi Rose / December 3, 2018

In this digital age where there is more desk work and office work and lesser physical work, plus the advent of the smartphone revolution, it is really important for a person to stay healthy mentally as well as physically. Physical health is perhaps of prime importance in current world scenario with increasing obesity and other diseases.

Although, the talk of Physical work is alright but the real question the majority of the people ask is how do you incorporate fitness routines into your increasingly busy daily lives? Well this article is written to address the same question. We know that incorporating Fitness Routines into your daily life can be difficult so we have brought you some easy ways to do the same to ensure your physical well-eing.

Here are some of the ways:-

1. Walk 5 km a day

You?d imagine how can someone walk for 5 km daily when they don?t have the time to exercise! Well my answer to this is that you don?t need to do those kilometers in a single go, you can easily walk for 5 km if you avoid going to the local market by car, rather go by foot. Take a stroll downstairs while you work, take stairs rather than elevator. Don?t miss any opportunity to walk and you?ll cross this mark easily.

2. Meditate and Practice basic Yoga every morning

This one needs just 15 minute to half an hour each morning and this can be beneficial to you not only physically but mentally as well. Every morning after you wake up, go and get fresh and then do 10-15 minutes of intense meditation and 10-15 minutes of Basic Yoga involving just basic positions just to open up and stretch your body so that it doesn?t remain stiff all day. Try and implement this and you are bound to see physical as well as mental results of the same.

3. Play your favorite outdoor sports for at least 45 minutes to an hour

Well this one is enjoyable as well as beneficial. Remember those childhood days when you used to play outdoors for hours and hours at a time? Well savor them and play any sport you like for just about an hour either with your neighbors or colleagues or friends, anyone at all. One of the best ways to do this is by playing with your colleagues after working hours because this can be beneficial physically and also help in team building and trust building with your fellow employees.

4. Clean your home yourself

Well it may sound absurd, but we all know that we don?t clean our homes ourselves. Home cleaning processes require each and every part of your body in some or the other capacity whether it is legs to roam around with the vacuum cleaner and the mop or its your arms to lift objects, even calves while cleaning objects above your height. An all out and beneficial physical exercise to say the least.

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