Ways in which Hormones Affect your Body

By Kennedi Rose / October 1, 2018
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Our body goes through a lot of changes as we grow up but there are different reasons as to why our body changes the way it does and we might jump onto wrong conclusions as we analyse that reason. Many people blame their eating habits when they gain weight or lose weight but there are so many reasons as to why this might be happening. One of the reasons that some important changes in our body take place is due to hormones. Hormones play a really important role and we may not notice that fact.

Different ways through which hormones affect our body:

  • Changes in your eating habit: your mother might notice that you are eating more than you use to and might think that it is because you are at your growing stage but it might be due to the hormones that you?re changing the eating habits. Some days you might eat a giant cake and some days you can?t even bear the sight of chocolate, which is normal as due to fluctuations in the hormones your interest towards a particular food may keep changing. People should keep this fact in mind as sometimes they might get tricked and do something extreme so that they can increase or decrease their weight.
  • Promotes love and trust: oxytocin is one hormone that is released when a mother pushes a baby during childbirth. This hormone develops a feeling of love and trust among the mother due to which the mother has immediate affection towards that baby. This hormone also builds a bond between two adults. Some studies have also shown that cuddling with a person increases your trust towards them.
  • Growth hormone: this hormone may suggest that it only helps the human body in the growth procedure but that?s not true. There are many advantages of this hormone. It is useful for maintain your sugar level and helps to metabolize proteins and fats. This particular hormone is also beneficial for you as it stimulates your immune system and maintains your kidney and heart?s health. These many functions are performed by this hormone.
  • Emotional changes: many women face this issue where the hormone makes them feel glum or sad. Sometimes birth control pills are the reason why women are sad and depressed. Mood swings are sometimes triggered by these hormones like progesterone. Women feel depressed and unhappy when they take their birth control pills is due to the changes in their hormones and it is frustrating and cannot be helped with.

These are some changes that are brought by hormones and you must keep in mind that hormones can be the reason why such extreme changes in your bodies take place.

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