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Ways by which you can Take Care of your Face – Face & Fitness

Ways by which you can Take Care of your Face

By Kennedi Rose / September 10, 2018

The face is the first thing that anyone notices and for a first-time impression, you need that glorious skin on your face and a smile. The face has a delicate skin as compared to the rest of the body and you need to do a sensible care to keep that supple skin on. Here are some ways by which you can reenergize your face and get that luminous skin.

  • Wash your face

The first thing that comes in to wash your face twice a day. Whether it be plain water or a facial cleanser, it?s important to wash your face. It is advised to use the cleansers as they deeply clean the skin removing all the pollutants that have settled down deep in the layers of your skin. There are a lot of face washes present in the market. While some have the best of the fruits while some have moisturized your skin. All these face cleaners are affordable and they can clean be used for your daily cleaning. Before buying one, make sure that the face wash matches your skin type.

  • Sunscreen

The sunscreen is a great way to prevent your face coming in contact with the harmful radiation of the sun. The sun can harm your face very deeply and it can be really harmful to that. You have to apply the sunscreen every 2 hours. If you go for swimming reapply it after your swim even if the face wash is waterproof. Apart from that, beware that you have the sunscreen that is at least SPF 15. The SPF is directly proportional to the protection. Higher SPF means more protection.

  • Cold sores

The cold sores are the blisters that happen on the lips. To avoid these cold blisters the first thing that you would have to do is to avoid sharing your personal products like lip balms, lipsticks, etc. Cold sores are the transmitted diseases and can happen because of them.

If you suffer from the cold sores, they are really painful. You can put the ice on the co; cold sores, in order to lessen the pain.

  • Eczema

Eczema is a condition in which the skin gets red and itchy. It is a really uncomfortable situation in which all you want is to scratch your skin off. There are a number of reasons that can cause eczema. Some of them are using hard detergents, soaps or shampoo on the skin. This is the primary reason for the Eczema. Use of the harsh detergents kill the useful skin bacteria and deposit themselves on the skin. This is the reason the skin becomes red and you get the urge to scratch the skin in order to scratch the detergent or the soap off.

But when you get it you should use a good moisturizer to moisturize that harsh skin. The use of the moisturizer can provide the skin with the essential oils that it had lacked or evaporated off.

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