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Update on Switching to Morning Work Outs – Face & Fitness

Update on Switching to Morning Work Outs

One of my?goals for 2015?was to switch my workout time from the evenings to the mornings. In case you missed it,?I attend a Crossfit gym?in my community and I’ve been going there since July 2013. I still love my gym and going on regular basis makes me feel better and relieves a lot of stress from my life. But switching to morning workouts has been a bigger challenge than I originally thought.

I set my alarm to go off every morning at 5:15 a.m. This gives me about 15 minutes to get up, change into my workout clothes, put in my contacts, brush my hair, and guzzle a little water before I leave for my workout. Technically, my workout doesn’t start until 5:45 a.m., but I like to get there a few minutes early so I can warm up and wake up before it’s time to start.

This sounds great in theory, but I’m still struggling a little bit with getting out of bed to go workout three times each week on a consistent basis. I’m still not a morning person so I’d much rather shut off my alarm and go back to sleep for an hour and a half instead. But I know how much working out in the morning helps my health, stress level, and the flow of my day, so I’ve done a few things to make it a little easier on myself when I have to get up that early.

Lay Out My Gear

Each evening before my workout days, I lay out my sports bra, workout shirt, capris/tights, socks, and shoes so it’ll be easier for me to get dressed the next morning. I still like to match when I work out (fashionista prob), so by picking out my clothes the night before I can make sure my still-asleep brain doesn’t dress me in horrible choices.

Some people I work out with say they sleep in their workout clothes so they can just roll out of bed and put on shoes before leaving the house, but that doesn’t work for me. I tried to sleep in my workout clothes, but I was uncomfortable and spent the whole night tossing and turning instead of sleeping.

Have a Work Out Buddy

My co-worker that I used to workout with decided to switch gyms, so I no longer have her meeting me there to work out each day. But she and I still try to motivate each other to work out. She also switched to morning workouts for 2015 and just knowing that she’ll ask me each day at work if I worked out this morning is a good motivator when I don’t feel like going.

Don’t Eat a Crappy Bedtime Snack

I’ve found that eating a horrible supper and/or bedtime snack the night before my morning workouts really affects me. Not only does it make my performance worse, I also feel more sluggish and full of morning “crud” in my throat if I consume sugar, dairy, or wheat products after about 3 p.m. the day before. Now I try to eat a healthy supper and maybe have a piece of fruit for “dessert” before bed. Drinking a lot of water the afternoon and evening before my workout helps me stay hydrated better for my morning workouts too.

The bottom line is that I just need to go when my alarm goes off. The days that I turn off my alarm and don’t go are usually the days I don’t feel as alert and end up being late for work. I seem to always be early to work if I just get up and workout.

What tips do you have to make it easier to work out in the morning?

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