Travel in Style: How to Be Comfortable and Fashionable on the Go

By Kennedi Rose / June 16, 2015

Travel is a dream for many. Beautiful sights, new foods and different cultures are all there to be experienced. I know studying abroad was one of the best decisions I made when I was in college. I was lucky enough to get to spend a semester in Adelaide Australia, and then a week in New Zealand on my way back to the states.

Getting somewhere so far from home when?I was 21 was an incredible experience. What was also an experience was the flight there. It was a 27 hour flight in total. I started on the east coast of the US, flew to Los Angeles and then to Sydney, Australia. The I flew 1/3 of the way across Australia to get to the city of Adelaide. It was a LOT of time on a plane!

Whether you?re going for a 27 hour flight or a 2 hour flight, you want to be comfortable for your flight. You probably also want to look presentable. If you?re being picked up by a significant other or headed to a business meeting you want to travel in clothing that?s versatile and professional as well as comfortable.

Your sweatpants don?t have to rule the runway when you travel. You are not obligated to yoga pants and flip flops! Think chic but basic for a pulled together plane outfit. Starting from the ground up, here?s how to put together a comfortable and fashionable outfit so you can travel in style.


Your shoes should be comfortable, easy to remove and preferably light. Try a slip on canvas shoe or a ballet flat if you?re a woman. Men can wear a canvas sneaker as well. Avoid heavy boots or things that must be hooked and laced, as going through security will take longer.


I prefer pants to skirts or dresses when I travel. A dark wash jean looks great on everyone, regardless of gender or pant size. They work for a causal but still professional look and jeans are always in style.


To balance the dark bottom you?ve got on, try a light colored top. Men, a classic white button down can do you no wrong! Choose a light weight fabric. Ladies, a red top is perfect for a statement piece. It?s a bold color that looks good on a variety of skin tones too. Sleeveless is perfect for summer months.


Let?s face it, planes are always over air conditioned. Gents, bring a sweater to pull over your button down top. Ladies, a black cardigan or blazer will keep you warm and looking good! All three items are easily stored in a carry on bag and not bulky.

I wouldn?t recommend wearing too much jewelry when traveling. You?ll have to take off bracelets and necklaces at security so go with a nice but subtle pair of earrings and a watch (track that time change!). I recommend a bold color for your top to take the place of jewelry. As long as your clothes are well made, they?ll convey the message that you?re pulled together and stylish as well as any jewelry can.

When you look good you feel good! The reverse is true as well. If you travel in an outfit that makes you feel good you?ll enjoy your trip more. So next time you get ready to travel, you should try to travel in style!

What are your favorite outfits to travel in? Do you swear by any one clothing item? How do you travel in style?

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