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Top Tips to a Balanced Diet – Face & Fitness

Top Tips to a Balanced Diet

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is everything to keep you healthy. It consists of all the nutrition that your body requires. Whether bodybuilding or losing ?weight, one must stick to the balanced diet to discover the body wealth. Today we have come up with the tips and the diet plan that you must include in your diet for a balanced diet.

  • Eat starchy carbohydrate meals

On third of your meal must be based on the starchy carbohydrates. That includes the wheat, rice, cereals, pasta, etc. Eating starchier food will help your body to reduce the weight and has less fat. You should also choose the wholegrain varieties as they contain the fibre.

  • Stuff you meals with fruits and vegetables daily

Five portions of your daily diet must contain different types of the fruits and vegetables. Don?t think that you can replace the fruits with the 100 % fruit juice as it doesn?t have the pulp that the fruit juice has. Daily fruits and vegetables provide you with the nutrition and better growth.

  • Fish

You should include 2 portions of fish in a week?s diet plan. Fishes have vitamins and mineral that are necessary for you. Also, oily fishes contain the nutrients that cannot be found in the other food items.

  • Cut the saturated fat and sugar

The fat in our body is a necessary element but then we should take care of the type of fat that we are consuming. Most of the foods that we consume every day have saturated fat into it. The saturated fat results in the high cholesterol levels and you should not be consuming above 30 grams of that in a day.

Meanwhile, more sugar results in the tooth decay and obesity in the body. The fancy foods that we eat from pastries to the cold drink, everything has sugar in it. Consumption of the sugar leads to the weight gain in the body. Try to cut the sugar as much as possible from your diet.

  • Less salt

It is recommended that you don?t take more than 6 grams of salt in a day. Salt is essential in diet but then, a lot of salt would result in heart stroke if you have high blood sugar. Even if you don?t add any to your food, you would still be consuming a lot of salt.

  • Say a big no to the thirst

You should at least drink around 6 to 8 glasses of the water every day. Don?t replace the water with those fuzzy and artificial flavoured drinks. You need fluids in your body and your daily diet plan shouldn?t exceed 150 ml of the fruit or the vegetable juice that has sugar.

  • No to skipping the breakfast

Some people have a misconception that skipping up the breakfast would help them to lose the weight. In fact, people who have breakfast daily appear to be less overweighed than the ones who skip it regularly. Get a low sugar healthy cereal breakfast with the fruits toppings every day.

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