Top New Year’s Resolutions

top 10 new years resolutions

Here are the Top 10 most popular New Years Resolutions, according to my cursory Internet search:

#10: Get Out of Debt!
Pay off those credit cards, pay down those student and car loans, make an extra payment on the mortgage. Isn’t it amazing to see how much debt most people have?

#9: Quit Smoking
Save money AND look beautiful by tossing those cigarettes away!

Uggghh, thank God I never started smoking. It’s awful for your skin — it gives you wrinkles that Botox will never hide. If you smoke, please, please, please make a New Years Resolution to quit. I try not to be preachy, but … c’mon, please!

#8: Smile More!
Speaking of wrinkles, the least attractive feature on a woman is frown lines. Smiling is a cheap (actually, FREE) way to avoid developing those unsightly lines around your mouth!

#7: Look Stylish on the Cheap!
Disappointed with your expired mascara, your bland perfume, and your 5-year-old clothes? But you can’t justify spending a fortune revamping your makeup stash and wardrobe?

Don’t worry — there are plenty of “frugal beauty hacks” that can help you update your closet without spending too much. Try making your own organic skin cream for less than $4.

#6: Get Organized!
Throw away that clutter in your desk drawers. De-junk your closet. Toss out the shoes you never wear.
Oh yeah, and organize your receipts. After all, it’s almost tax season …

#5: Develop a New Skill
Become a fantastic Italian chef — at least by the standards of your own household. Or try playing the piano or learning French. Best of all? The time you spend learning a new skill can keep you entertained, which distracts you from spending too much money … You’ll climb out of debt in no time, and still have a few dollars left over to splurge on some Hermes perfume!

Need inspiration? Try some of my recipes, including this great low-fat, low-carb chili recipe that’s prefect for winter.

#4: Exercise
If you can’t afford a pricey gym membership, try jogging in the mornings or use a workout DVD in your living room. Remember: cardio exercise today saves you a ton of money in health-care bills down the road!

#3: Lose Weight
This is related to — but not the same as — the goal to exercise more. All the makeup, hair style tips and skin creams in the world can’t help you if your body isn’t healthy. You don’t need to become a waifish catwalk model, but you should at least be healthy.

This blog is all about beauty from the inside-out, and that starts with clean health and a reasonable body weight. Here’s how to save money by eating in-season. And here’s a great low-fat pizza recipe.

#2: Spend Less Money
I have great news: if you spend more time exercising, cooking meals at home, or playing around with makeup like you did when you were a little girl … you won’t be as tempted to go out for drinks, go out to eat, or go on a wild shopping spree.

#1: Spend More Time with Family
After all, a woman of true beauty is a woman who puts first things first: the people she loves most.

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