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Tips to Pick the Right Hairstyle as per your Jawline – Face & Fitness

Tips to Pick the Right Hairstyle as per your Jawline

By Kennedi Rose / February 25, 2019

A suitable kind of a hairstyle can add quite an edge to your overall look.? Now since everybody?s face type is different, not all kinds of hairstyles unit every one. After long researches it has been proved that only a certain kind of a hairstyle depending on the face type of a person can give an extra edge to their look. Now that there are so many face type and so many hairstyles to choose from, it becomes quite a task to finally decide on one.? But don?t worry; we have got it covered for you!

Here are a few hairstyles that you can choose from depending upon the type of your jawline!

Round face shape

Faces like these are fuller and their face would suit a hairstyle that covers the roundness of their face. For people with round face and curly hair, should not go for short haircuts. Long straight hair would suit them the most. For people who have straight hair and want to experiment some, can go for a pixie haircut. For people with medium length of hair, can choose layered bob hair cut. And for long hair, go for three layers.

Oval face shaped

Women with this kind of face shape are quite lucky as any kind of haircut would suit them. But the only thing that they should take care of is that, the length of their hair should be moderate and not too long, because their face too has a long shape. They can go for long wavy hair cut with the fringes that would add more volume to your hair. Also it is suggested that you avoid the blunt cut. For short hair ladies, you can go for a bob haircut that has minimal layers. Also for women who have medium length hair can opt for soft cuts with shoulder length hair.

Oblong or elongated face shape

If you belong to this category, then chance is that your face shape is a little bit longer than the oval face shape ones. Avoid haircuts which may add volume to your crown area as it may look odd on your face. You can always try out the hairstyles which provide mega volume so that it can bring a little roundness to your face. The best possible hairstyle for women belong to this category would be beachy waves. For those who have short hair can go for side parted bob ending right below the chine area. And all of those belonging to this category should avoid pixie cut and heavy blunt bangs.

Square face shape

Women who fall in this category have a face that is quite angular and structured. The length and width almost being the same. Now since their jawline looks quite strong, they have to choose a hairstyle that takes away the attention from it. Textured hair either chopped or curly would both look good on them. Also a long hair with middle parting would too look good on their face type. If they have short hair they should go for layered bob with subtle bangs.


Thus if you belong to any of these categories make sure to try out the hairstyles that would suit you the most and rock your look.

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