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By Kennedi Rose / September 17, 2018
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They say, health is wealth. But to maintain your health in an unhealthy world today is very difficult. It is often found that people are more concerned towards getting their career on track. But later is when they realise that apart from everything else in the world, what is important is the healthy personality. So if there has been any such realisation to you, then you must read these tips to get back to healthier lifestyle. Here are few tips:

  1. Define your goals: it may seem childlike but it is important to write down your fitness goals. As per the study of psychologists, 80% of the people are able to achieve their goals if they are written and clearly mentioned. So sit down with a paper and pen and define your fitness goals. It could be getting fit or have some weight loss or being in a leaner shape or anything else. When you know what has to be achieved, you mind simply focuses on achieving it.
  2. Ponder on your diet and activity: before you hit it out on the gym directly, one must ponder on his/her diet, the type of food, the quantity of food, the timings of food, etc. And then attention must also be given to how it is being consumed. The type of activity you undergo throughout the day is important an consideration. So once you know what is the structure, maybe you can manage and regulate your food and related concepts and the activity levels all by yourself to get back to healthier lifestyle.
  3. Strictness and discipline is the key: when you have followed the above steps, just make few things pretty much clear. Firstly, make sure that you eat your food in every 2-3 hours. Have heavy breakfast but that wont mean that you skip your lunch. Every meal is important. The type of food you include in it matters. And then there should be a snack time and finally dinner. Make sure that there is at least a 2 hour gap between your dinner and sleeping time. It could be more depending upon your digestion levels. Once you feel a bit relaxed after dinner and feel like food is digested, go to sleep. Drink 2-3 litres of water but should be included while having lunch or dinner, unless you feel the food hot and spicy.
  4. Walk, exercise: whatever your job be, you must manage to take a 30-40 minutes out for a walk. The best time could be in the evening or after you have your dinner. The next important thing is to exercise. It is very crucial for doing few basic exercises. Another 30 minutes given daily to exercise will tone your health in a beautiful way. These two things are a key to your mental, physical and emotional well-being.
  5. Normal food with enjoyment: if one wants to be healthy, it is not totally necessary that you will have to eat things like salad, high protein low carbs. Simple home cooked food when eaten with all the pleasure and enjoyment is required. Try to eat the restaurant?s food only once or twice a month.

So being healthy is not that difficult, a few tips and observation here and there would make you healthy.

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