Tips on Best Cutting Cycle for Steroid First-Timers

By Shilpa / May 29, 2020

Using steroids is one of the first things that interest a bodybuilding beginner or gym fan who wants to push the boundaries of their body. If you belong to one of these groups, you must know that steroids are potent substances. These products can be your best friends or your worst enemies – all depending on how you use them.

The purposes of steroids are to increase the quantity (mass), but also the quality (definition) of muscle. It is achieved by including these preparations in the so-called bulking and cutting cycles. More on other methods of steroid intake find out at this source.

 Beginners should first define their body goals, and then research the substances that can help them achieve these goals. Examples of ready-made steroid cycles can be found on the Internet. They can be a good guideline.

Yet, you should keep in mind that one steroid does not have the same effect on all users. It is critical to learn how to combine these supplements to achieve the best and long-lasting results during the cutting phase.

What Is Cutting Cycle?

Weight loss in bodybuilding is different from that in ‘real life.’ It is not the goal here for the number on the scales to go down or for your volumes to reduce drastically. During the cutting cycle, what you need to get rid of is excess fat. That will make your body ripped.

Your body needs fat to function. Yet, when there are excess fat deposits, they can be both an aesthetic and a health problem. Fat ‘coats’ the muscles and makes them less visible. That is the primary goal of cutting – to define the muscles by getting rid of excess fat.

Steroids do not play the main role in this process, but caloric deficits and increased exercise intensity. They are there to speed up converting body fat into energy. The goal is to reach a certain percentage of body fat by sticking to a steroid intake plan.

?You can use one or more supplements, but you have to be sure these are matching. As seen on, you need to find a combination that will help you retain lean mass and boost fat loss.

Choose the Right Products

More experienced users recommend Anavar, Winstrol, and Clenbuterol for cutting beginners. They enable the burning of fat deposits without the fear of lean tissue loss. They are most often used in the form of injections, precisely to avoid adverse effects on the liver.

You are free to stack these steroids with testosterone. It?s safe for combining with any of the before-mentioned preparations and has a pronounced anabolic effect. It stimulates the building of tissues, especially lean mass. Testosterone should be the basis for every steroid cycle.

Winstrol and Anavar are most commonly used in doses of about 50 milligrams a day for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. No cutting cycle should last longer than this. The reason for this is that your body, when it ‘uses up’ all the excess fat, will switch to wasting lean tissue.

Muscle loss eventually could happen even when you are not using performance enhancers. Simply, your body needs energy. If you don’t provide it with proper food intake and optimal amounts of nutrients, it will look for an alternative source. In this case, it’s lean mass. To avoid this, you need to define how long your cutting cycle will last.

Pills or Injectables


The steroids that you will use during the cutting cycle can be divided into several groups. There are two basic ones – pills and injections. These supplements also exist in powdered form, but their dosage can be complicated for beginners. Stick to pre-determined doses in the form of tablets or injectables.

Pills have a slightly increased chance of side effects than injectables. The reason is that they pass through the digestive tract and liver. In this organ, active compounds of any product can deposit and cause severe damage. That will happen after prolonged or reckless use of performance enhancers.

Injectables are absorbed directly into the body without passing through organs. That’s what makes these steroids safer than pills. Supplements in the form of injections can also be used to treat some diseases (arthritis, inflammation, musculoskeletal disorders, etc.).

Importance of Post Cycle Therapy

Each cutting cycle needs to be accurate and well-organized to get the most of it and preserve your health. As useful as steroids are, these preparations disrupt hormone levels in your body. You need to use extra supplements to help you control your estrogen during and after the cutting cycle. They are called SERMs and will help you avoid some less pleasant effects of steroids like acne, water retention, and sexual issues.

You need to rest your body after the cutting cycle and before moving on to the next phase. At this link, you can learn how to make a safe transition from cutting to bulking. In order to continue to function normally, your body needs to re-produce hormones whose action is blocked by steroid intake.

Many beginners make mistakes and overdo it with steroid intake, in order to get the desired results sooner. That increases the risk of adverse effects and does not help you reach your goal earlier. It is better to repeat the cutting cycle after a while than to risk with higher doses of steroids than recommended.

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