Things to do to Help Fall Asleep

By Kennedi Rose / October 31, 2016

After having a long, drawn out day at work, you can find yourself exhausted but unable to get to sleep. The standard drink warm milk may not work for you. Rather than sitting around tossing and turning, try these four things to do to help you fall asleep fast.

Just Relax

Have you ever gone to a spa for a massage? Most people fall asleep right on the table. You can do the same concept at home in your bed by squeezing your muscles and then relaxing them.

The best way is to lie on your back and inhale through your nose. As you?re doing so, squeeze your muscle. Hold it for a few seconds and then exhale while releasing the muscle. You?ll want to do this one muscle at a time and work your way from your toes up to your neck. Be sure to hit your calf, upper thigh, buttocks, stomach, arms, neck, and even face. By the time you?re done, you should be ready to slumber.

?Keep a Pen and Paper Next to Your Bed

Sometimes insomnia hits because you?re worried about what?s on tomorrow?s to-do list. So rather than planning it all out, keep a pen and paper next to your bed and write it down. Then, fall asleep worry free.

Plan to go to bed early enough so you can get up early enough and execute a plan of how to get things done. Sometimes we work best when we get tasks off our list early on in the day.

Create the Right Mindset

When you?re on a relaxing vacation, sometimes all you can do is sleep, right? Well, picture yourself in that situation or meditate if you will.

Think of being on a tropical island, beach, or in a large field of flowers. Wherever your mind takes you, you need to be able to feel the sand and ocean water and smell the flowers. It may help to download an app on your phone to take you there. Try app’s such as White Noise Free for Apple or White Noise Free for Android devices.

Keep it Cool

The best sleeping environment for most is a cool environment between 65 and 68 degrees. A cool body core temperature makes you more comfortable, and you?ll drift off soon. A few ways to get you there include:

  • Take a cool bath or shower before bed. Avoid washing your hair as damp hair may make you uncomfortable.
  • Lower the thermostat.
  • Turn the fan on. The fan also creates white noise to help block out outside sounds.
  • If it?s quiet outside, crack a window to circulate fresh air.

Just be sure not to keep it too cold in your room. If you do, you might find yourself shivering or tugging at the covers all night long.

Final Thoughts on Falling Asleep

The next time you find yourself tossing and turning all night, try a tip or two given above. Each night try something different to see which works best for you.

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