The Top 10 Perfumes under $40

By Kennedi Rose / March 9, 2012

Many women waste money on perfume. They simply don’t realize that they can get beautiful scents at a fraction of the price.

We’ve compiled a list of top perfumes for under $40, to show that your next scent doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

1. Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour
The multi-talented superstar’s Love & Glamour perfume is the perfect embodiment of her sparkling lifestyle. With floral tones and musky sandalwood, this is a beautiful versatile scent.

2. Katy Perry Purr
Katy Perry’s venture into the perfume world is a playful sexy scent that suits all, from cougars to kittens!

Sarah Jessica Parker has perfectly captured the essence of New York with her gorgeous NYC scent. With strawberry notes and floral undertones this fragrance is definitely one for the girly girls!

4. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy

Britney presents a dark twist on her original Fantasy perfume, with deep seductive tones, this mischievous fruity scent is a real winner.

5. Nina Ricci L’Aur du Temps
A classic scent, L’Air du Temps has been popular since its invention in 1949. This beautiful perfume contains delicate jasmine and iris undertones, making it a firm vintage favourite.

6. Christina Aguilera Secret Potion
Christina encourages women to use this scent as their ultimate confidence boost. With sweet and musky tones, this perfume is a great choice for evening wear.

7. Chopard Wish
A unique woody scent, Chopard Wish is captured within a multi-faced diamond inspired bottle. With delicate patchouli undertones, this is a perfume for those days when you need to sparkle.

8. Estee Lauder Youth Dew
Known as one of the “sexiest fragrances ever”, Youth Dew is a warm, subtle fragrance with a blend of amber and geranium, giving a unique oriental scent.

9. Versace Dreamer
Dreamer is a powerfully fruity fragrance with a definite hint of grapefruit and mandarin, which give a luscious tropical vibe.

10. Benefit Maybe Baby
Benefit make beautiful perfumes and Maybe Baby is no exception. This flirty, girly scent has a focus on white blossoms, and is perfect for spring days.

With scents like this available for well under $40, there’s no excuse not to swap your perfume for these great cheaper options.

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