The Reality of Working in the Health and Fitness Industries

By Kennedi Rose / December 17, 2015

There are few things in life that are more rewarding than choosing a career you enjoy. We spend so much of our time working that it?s important to really think about how we use those hours, and whether our employment will provide us with a sufficient sense of satisfaction even during our most stressful days.

Because of this, people often choose to work in a field that caters to their strengths and interests, and the health and fitness sector is a popular option. From sports physiotherapy to personal training, nursing, and more, we look at the reality of life in the sports, diet, and health professions?

Your Lifestyle

The health and fitness industry is very image-oriented, and if people are paying you to help them achieve peak physical fitness, and keep them in top shape, then you need to look the part. Although this doesn?t mean that you?ll have to appear as though you?ve stepped out of the pages of a magazine, a physically demanding job and the correct diet should keep you fit, toned, and healthy, and if you look like you spend your evenings on the sofa eating fast food, then the people you?re helping are very unlikely to put their trust in your methods. This means that unless you?re truly committed to fitness yourself, it might not be the profession for you.

Your Employment Status

Another factor that you ought to consider before you choose to work in the health and fitness sector is your future employment status. A large number of professionals in this field are self-employed, and this is not a situation that suits everyone. It requires a great deal of organisation, self-motivation, and dedication to building and bettering your business. Although there will also be work from both private and public sector employers available, from gyms to the NHS and agencies like Nursing Personnel, these may offer limited opportunities for advancement, meaning that if you want to prosper, working for yourself might be your only real option.

Your Hours

Those in the health and fitness sector can also work some odd hours. Although many roles will fit within a normal 9-5 schedule, those who are self-employed as personal trainers, for example, may find that they need to work quite unsociable hours in order to fit in with their clients. Thus, it?s really important to fully research your potential working day, and the hours that you?ll need to be available for, before you consider a job in this field.

Your Wage

Finally, think about how important money is to you, and how much you would be willing to earn each year in order to enjoy a job that you love. If the answer is reasonably low, you may find that working for an employer suits you well, with regular hours but little opportunity for advancement. However, if working for yourself is an option that you would consider, the sky really is the limit, and the amount that you turnover each year will be entirely down to your own endeavours.

If health and fitness is your poison, could a job in the sector be the perfect role for you?

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