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The Perfect Summer Work Outfit

It can be the absolute worst trying to focus on work in the summer. If you’re like me you want to go back to the days when summer meant summer vacation: swimming, sleeping and sunshine. Summertime brings with it a sense of fun and a sense of nostalgia for many.

Summer also brings with it different clothing options. No longer do you have to dress in endless layers just to get out of your house and no longer are dark blues and blacks the only acceptable work colors. Pastels and prints are out in full swing this time of year.

Of course you still want to look professional and be recognized for the work-badass that you are. So your neon crop tops are not going to fly in the office.To look powerful, profession and perfect this summer follow these steps:

1) Add pops of color.

While the weekends might be time for your bright yellow jumpsuit and heart shaped sunglasses, the office is not the venue for that. But you can still sneak in some color!

Try wearing brightly colored heels with a neutral colored skirt or dress. Beige looks lovely with yellow and pink always works well with black. A lively colored necklace is another great way to have a dash of color in an otherwise more sedate outfit.

2) Celebrate patterns.

Like I said before, now is the time for prints!  Florals are always summer appropriate and can also be work appropriate. Patterns like chevron are a strong but simple way to make an outfit stand out. Feel free to find as crazy a pattern as you want- just make sure to pair it with something more understated to find a balance.

3) Light layers.

Offices are almost always freezing but who wants to wear their winter cardigan in August? Instead work some layers. Wear your white button down top under your favorite weekend sleeveless dress for a more formal look. Throw a button down top over a sleeveless top, tie it at the waist and pair with black pants. Add elements of formal outfits to informal outfits to add both warmth and the air of professionalism your work requires.

4) That Thing You Always Wanted to Do.

If you bought a pink blazer three years ago and have just let it hang in your closet now is the season to wear it. I honestly think people are just more open and nicer in the summer time so you should use the season as an experiment. Be brave and try an outfit or a style you never have before. Branch out of your fashion rut and try something new!

The perfect summer work outfit is one you feel comfortable and capable in. Whatever your style or office environment is you can find ways to make the season work for you!

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