The Perfect Summer Date Outfit

By Kennedi Rose / August 25, 2015

Af0sF2OS5S5gatqrKzVP_SilhoutteSummer nights have a sort of magic about them. There’s an energy in the air that carries excitement in?it. It?makes for the perfect dating season in my opinion.

Love is in the summer air! Don’t we all want to look our best on date nights? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together forever or are stepping out together for the first time- you want to look nice when you’re on a date.

How to find that perfect summer date outfit? Of course everyone has their own style. You should personalize your look however you want and let your personality shine through your clothing.?In the summer heat you want to be comfortable, able to move and feeling good.

For my time and money, here is one of two?perfect date night outfits: strappy sandals, white jean shorts, a button down top, and one piece of jewelry (dealer’s choice on that piece!)

Summer Date Outfit

I can hear some of you thinking ‘that’s a little casual for date night isn’t it?’ Yes, it is a little casual. Summer is a casual season though.

In most of the world summer is too hot to wear more formal fabrics like wool or cashmere. Fabrics?like linen or cotton are what’s in right now. The same goes for the color palette- summer is all neons or pastels. Darker, more somber colors are reserved for winter time. You can get away with pink shorts in the summer. Pink pants in the winter will definitely turn a lot of heads!

This outfit is also appropriate for a lot of different venues. Concerts, casual dinners, a picnic in the park, a stroll along city streets…this outfit works for them all. If you didn’t plan the date you want to be ready for whatever your date?may have in store for you.

Strappy sandals are a step up from flip flops. Lots of them come with some sort of embellishment, making your shoes dressier and more of a statement piece than something like simple black ballet flats. Sandals are also seasonal. You want to wear them while you can! Show off the pedicure you gave yourself this week and rock your strappy sandals proudly.

White jean shorts are my absolute favorite. They look good on almost every skin type and especially so during the summer when most people have a bit of a tan going on. White shorts definitely have a short shelf life so get the most use out of them while you can! White denim shorts are also a really easy way to deviate from the repetitive blue jean short vortex most people seem to be trapped?in. Yet they still provide the same comfort and fit of denim. They?stand out while keeping you comfortable.

I love the look of a button down. It’s classic, chic and comfortable. The summer trifecta! Chambray shirts are always popular but for date night I prefer something a little bolder than that. I would go with a patterned or bright summer color top for date night. I have a bright red button down I love that brings out the color in my cheeks and looks great with red lipstick. Leave the top few buttons undone (wear a cami underneath for full coverage!) Always roll up the sleeves too.

I like to roll up my sleeves on a button down for more polished look and to give some space for my jewelry choice: bracelets. God help me, I love bracelets. I have a few in various sizes that I like to stack and I have some bangles that I bust out when I want to feel like an 80’s rock star. I like that bracelets rarely get in the way and can really dress up an outfit with minimum effort.

For other the jewelry might be a necklace or earrings. Whatever you decide to wear is fine but be judicious in your choice. You don’t want to wear too much jewelry, which is always a fashion don’t. Find pieces your comfortable with and that compliment the entire outfit.

If you need something a little more chic or something a little more ‘you’ never fear: I have the solution. The Little Black Dress.

Black Dress

A staple in everyone’s wardrobe, the LBD is perfect for every occasion. I think it presents the perfect opportunity for customization. You can dress it up or dress it down, depending on your mood or what date night is going to entail. With a well fitted and solid color dress like an LBD you can personalize your outfit in other ways. I’m a fan of a statement necklace with an LBD but follow your own bliss!

The great thing is, everything goes with your little black dress. Funky statement jewelry or?a slim gold necklace work equally well. High heels or combat boots?both match. Let your dress be your launch pad to creating an entire look you feel comfortable and happy in. If you feel good you look good!

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