The Frugal Girl’s Guide to a Stylish Wardrobe

In today’s fashion-conscious society, most women like to look their best.

But given the constant shift in fashion, staying up to speed with what is ‘trending’, is a very expensive exercise.

Don’t be a slave to fashion and risk racking up a massive credit card debt to be fashionable.

So many young women have had to turn to debt solution experts such as Fox Symes in order to manage their whopping credit card bills.

Here are some clever tricks to keep you looking chic even on a teeny-weeny budget.

Sell your unwanted clothes online

If you’re not wearing it, sell it. Make a rule for yourself that you can only buy new items once you’ve generated enough money by selling old clothes, shoes and accessories online. To really save, use this money on used clothing that others are selling rather than heading to the shops.

Swap and borrow

Swapping fashion items (and almost everything else) has become incredibly popular. You can swap informally through your own network of friends and family or through various websites. When it comes to dressing up for special occasions, why not ask a friend or relative to borrow various items of theirs? You might be able to borrow an entire outfit including accessories or just borrow bits and pieces to add to your items for a unique ensemble.

Make accessories your new best-friend

Accessories can totally transform an outfit and allow you to express your individual style. You can easily dress pieces up or down depending on the occasion and will give you far more mileage out of your clothes. Accessories can also give cheaper outfits and items a more expensive feel as well as breathe new trends into older pieces of clothing.

Shop the sales

When building and designing a wardrobe for clients stylists start with the fashion basics like jeans and jackets. When it comes to work wear, this expands to skirts, pants and blouses. For these items, it makes sense to buy quality pieces that will become wardrobe staples and be around for a number of years. For this, you don’t need cutting edge fashion, but pieces made well with quality fabrics. The best way to source these is to shop at factory outlets or end of year clearances.

Buy budget versions

If you’re on a tight budget, designer brands and high-end department stores are out of the question. But don’t despair. As soon as designers showcase their collections on the catwalks, cheap knockoffs are rolling through sewing machines in factories around the world. Of course the quality isn’t the same, but if you’re passionate about staying current, this is your only option.

Staying ‘on trend’ doesn’t mean you have to buy clothes and accessories on credit or go without. Use a few simple styling tricks to breathe new looks into your wardrobe, swap or borrow clothes and shop smart in order to look great on a shoestring.

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