Frugal Ways to Look After Yourself While Working Away

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working overseasA friend of mine was asked to work abroad by the company she is with. This sounds great: she could get a beautiful tan, explore the shops and still earn money.

However, my friend is a little clumsy and accident-prone, which worries me when she’s in another country. The advice I gave her is to be frugal with her finances and health.

You might think that if you become injured after having an accident, you might not be entitled to make a compensation claim because the incident happened in a different country. Although it?s not as clear-cut as making a compensation claim would be at home, it is possible. Responsibility for you and your colleagues? safety lies exclusively with your employer, and it is their duty to ensure that you?re all safe, no matter where you?re working.

Should you feel entitled to make a claim because the injury you?ve sustained was caused by another party while on the job, and that injury could cause serious financial loss, then the best thing to do is for you or your legal representative to go your employer direct, providing that they?re solely responsible for your pay, taxes and insurance.

If it is proven that responsibility for your well-being lies with the other party, you could make a claim against them in a court of law, but it?s important that you get help from someone with expertise in the field of workplace accident compensation claims. By seeking expert advice, you have a better chance of making a successful compensation claim.

By getting legal advice, you’ll have a more clear idea of whether or not you?re entitled to compensation. You’ll also get an idea of how much money you can expect.

No one wants to have an accident overseas. But if you’re unfortunate enough to experience an accident, don’t try to suffer through it on your own. Seek professional help.

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