The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

No more glasses?

An increasing number of people are choosing laser eye surgery to correct their eyesight and as a means of doing away with their glasses or contacts. The procedure has proved enormously popular amongst a huge variety of people, ranging from celebrity actors to professional sports stars.

So what exactly are the benefits of Laser eye surgery and how have these manifested themselves in previous patients?

A future without glasses

Probably the most common reason for choosing laser eye surgery is the benefit of living life without dependency on glasses or lenses. Those that are forced to wear glasses or contacts understand exactly how restrictive they can be. To a certain degree, they limit the choices people can make and can be a nuisance in day-to-day life.

There are also a number of other attached benefits that people don?t always think about, for instance wearing non-prescription sunglasses.

Professional help

The benefits of LASIK laser eye surgery are much more noticeable for those in professions in which eyesight plays a big role. Take the Arizona Wildcats baseball team and their first baseman, Bradley Dixon, as an example.

After an incredibly frustrating 2012 season that saw Dixon swinging and missing too much, he opted for laser eye surgery – which revolutionized his performance.

Boasting the best hitting statistics in the team, Dixon?s incredible improvement has been accredited to a vastly superior ability to read the spin of a ball ? thanks to laser eye surgery.

The benefits of laser eye surgery can also be seen in those that are required to read a large amount of text too. TV presenter Philip Schofield is another famous advocate for laser eye surgery. Now able to read his lines on the teleprompter every morning, Schofield is incredibly happy with the improvement to his eyesight after having his treatment filmed for a segment of his show, This Morning, to display the benefits of the surgery to a wider audience.

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