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How to Get Gorgeous Hair if You Can’t Afford Trips to a Salon

By Kennedi Rose / May 20, 2013

On a tight budget? Can’t afford trips to a hair salon? Here’s how you get gorgeous hair at a fraction of the price. #1. Look for the right products. Salons often use expensive products to get that perfect look you love, but many are unaware that these same products can be bought for less. One […]


5 Ways to Save Money Now

By Kennedi Rose / January 13, 2012

It’s easy to imagine that you’ll save money at some oh-so-distant point in the future. It’s tougher to find ways to save money NOW. That’s right, now. As in — today. This hour. So here are 5 things you can do now to save money. #5: Negotiate Your Cell Phone Bill. Pick up your mobile […]


Food Friday: Save By Eating In-Season

By Kennedi Rose / October 28, 2011

Save money without skimping on veggies by eating only what’s in-season. With fall here and winter approaching, its time for the final harvest of tomatoes, bell peppers and other long-season summer growers. Citrus season is already over. Apple season is in full swing. And of course, fall is the obvious time for eating squash, zucchini, […]