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How to Get Shiny Hair with Homemade Recipes

By Kennedi Rose / April 9, 2018

When it comes to hair, every single woman desires for a beautiful and healthy one. And something that reflects the beauty is Shine. But nowadays pollution makes our hair dull, leaving it looking lifeless. Not only pollution, stress, anxiety, an unhealthy diet, and lifestyle affect as well. So, how do u manage to get shiny […]


Make Your Hair Shiny … with a Few Homemade Ingredients

By Kennedi Rose / August 16, 2013

Making your hair shiny and glossy with a few homemade ingredients has never been so easy. It just takes a bit of know-how to turn your tired tresses into shiny locks of gorgeous hair. This article tells you how to make your hair shiny using homemade ingredients. Eggs and mayonnaise Eggs and mayonnaise are the […]