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How to Get Great Looking Skin for Less

By Kennedi Rose / April 18, 2012

Lots of people want to get great looking skin but have tight wallets. Don?t worry. Protecting your skin is not as expensive as you might think. Here are a few ways you can achieve great skin for less. #1: Work out! Exercising not only secretes out the sweat and the dirt from your body, it […]


How to Get Great Skin for Cheap

By Kennedi Rose / March 19, 2012

Many people want great looking skin ? and there are lots of cheap, effective ways to get it, without spending too much money. Here are 8 ways to get great skin on the cheap. #1: Eat healthy foods. The adage ?you are what you eat? is very true. Skip fatty and greasy foods, which don?t […]


5 Celebrities with Great Skin in their 40’s

By Kennedi Rose / August 2, 2011

Some celebrities have it all: fame, fortune, and great skin in their 40’s. These fourty-something celebs have wrinkle-free, smooth skin, thanks partly to their fancy creams (I hope to use the same creams they use!), as well as their healthy lifestyles. Notice that none of these women have a reputation as a party animal … […]