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What is Bronzer? A Step-by-Step Tutorial

By Kennedi Rose / May 6, 2013

Bronzer only takes a moment to apply and results in beautiful, glowing skin. If you want that sun-kissed look, without damage from the sun, bronzer will get you there. Applying bronzer doesn?t mean caking on thick make-up Jersey Shore style. Instead, it?s lightly swept across the skin for an all-natural look. If you want radiant […]


Bronzer for Fair Skin AND for Dark Skin

By Kennedi Rose / August 7, 2011

Until recently I thought bronzer was only for fair skin. I didn’t understand why they made bronzer for dark skin like mine — after all, my skin is bronze enough. But “bronzer” and “tanner,” I’ve recently realized, are completely different concepts. Bronzer highlights your tone, regardless of whether you’re fair skinned or dark skinned. Bronzer […]