Summer 2015 Capsule Wardrobe: Month 3 Update

By Kennedi Rose / August 3, 2015

Well, well. Here we are – just over 3 months into my first attempt at a capsule wardrobe.

I also did updates after month 1 and month 2.

So far I’ve learned several things about having a capsule wardrobe, like:

  • You have to wash laundry more often.
  • You have to plan ahead.
  • You should include pants in your summer capsule, or start it later.
  • I don’t need 38 items of clothing, especially since I didn’t count shoes.
  • Some items are staples and you need to buy higher quality.

Whew! That is quite a list of lessons I’ve learned from my first capsule wardrobe so far. Here are a couple more I learned in July:

Capsule Wardrobe Season Length

Most of the time a capsule wardrobe would only be 3 months long, but this time I decided to start my summer capsule early and therefore I knew going into it that it would be 4 months long.

In the last couple of weeks I have found myself starting to feel a little bored by the items in my capsule. Again if this were a 3 month capsule, like most people do, that wouldn’t be problem because it would be the tail end of the capsule. But this time I’m a little bored with my clothes and I still have 1 month to go.

Life Changes

I’ve had some life changes lately, like switching to self-employment, and that might make it difficult to stick to my summer capsule for the month of August since it’s got mostly office-type clothes in and less casual pieces. In the future, my capsules will be more casual since I now work from home.

Do Capsules Save Money?

Since I bought quite a few things for my fall capsule this year, I’m wondering if capsules really do save you money. I think I spent around $250-300 for my fall capsule, mostly because I needed casual clothes since I quit my job, but I didn’t spend anything for my summer one.

I also plan to make use of items I already own for my winter capsule so I don’t have to spend any money on it either. If I’m successful with that, then I think I’ll be able to say that having a capsule wardrobe does save you money.

Today is my first day of self-employment and it’s hard to say how much I’ll stick to my summer capsule wardrobe for the last month of this time frame. I’m super excited for my fall capsule and I can’t wait to start it. But I don’t want to start it early and wind up in the same boat at the tail of it too – being bored with my clothing choices.

Even with being somewhat bored of my summer capsule, I’ve still liked this experiment so far. I like that I don’t have so many things clogging up my closet and it makes it easy to choose from 10 shirts and 8 or 9 bottoms every morning. I don’t have to think as much as what goes together because it’s mostly all mix and match. But, I do have to plan ahead so my clothes aren’t in the wash when I need them for special events.

Are you attempting a capsule wardrobe?

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