Subtle Changes That Make a Difference to Your Appearance

By Kennedi Rose / April 21, 2014

change to your appearance

Sometimes you have that moment in life where you decide it?s time for a change. Whether you?ve grown tired of your current job, you want to move house, get yourself a new car or make changes to your look; it?s only natural that now and again you get the urge to make a change.

The issue is, just how much of a change do you make in one go without turning into someone else? You still want to be you!

In terms of your appearance, it can often be a case of less is more, helping you to feel invigorated and like you?ve been given a new lease of life. One option that many people are choosing, particularly in the last few years, is to have laser surgery on their eyes. Lots of people have decided to ditch the glasses they have been wearing for years and improve their natural vision.

Having to wear glasses is something that both men and women complain about. Many feel that they ruin their outfit or that they just hate wearing them, but are forced to, due to their poor or deteriorating eyesight. Laser eye surgery is the ideal solution, so speak to a consultant about your options.

The next idea is something you can definitely decide upon without a consultation, and that?s your hairstyle. If you?re the kind of person who has been wanting to do something different with their hair for years, but never taking the plunge, then give it a go.

Get yourself down to your favourite salon and book a stylist you get on with to talk through your options. Tell them what you like, what you don?t like and even take examples of the styles you like with you, whether it?s what your favourite celebrity did with their locks at the weekend or a cutting from a magazine.

It could be a case of cutting it short, changing the colour or going for something completely ?out there.? Hair is something that will always grow back and you can always change it if you don?t like it, but you never know unless you try!

Makeup is another subtle change that will make a big difference. Some people prefer to wear a lot while others prefer the minimalist look. Whichever side you?re on, getting it right can make a big difference.

Eyeliner and mascara can make your eyes stand out and are ideal if you have bright eyes, while lipstick and some blush on your cheeks can help to give you a healthier-looking complexion.

Now and again, it?s always good to make a couple of changes to your wardrobe, too. Whether it?s making the bold move to wear a pair of skinny jeans for the first time, or a skirt shorter than you?ve worn before, now and again a new look ? even for a short period of time ? can help to make you feel much better, and look better too, without having to get yourself a whole new wardrobe.

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