Stuck in a Rut: Why I Haven’t Been Working Out

I’m not one for making excuses. In fact, I get really annoyed with people who are constantly making excuses. But I haven’t been the most motivated when it comes to my workout routine lately.

I stated off this year with great intentions. I was already used to working out 3 times/week consistently. But as my online side hustles have continued to grow and take up more and more time in the evenings, I decided I had to switch to morning workouts to free up more evening time for writing and working online.

In all honesty though, I absolutely hate working out in the mornings. It’s not working for me at all. I haven’t been very consistent with my workouts in 2015 and it’s starting to show in my clothes and in my health. I’m stuck in a rut of not wanting to work out.

I feel better when I workout consistently. I have more energy throughout the day and I’m more motivated in the evenings. So why do I hate morning workouts?

I Don’t Have Accountability

I’ve never had good self-accountability, and I don’t have anyone in my morning workout class to help keep me going when workouts are tough, or even just to get to the workout consistently.

I Miss My Old Trainer

The trainer in the morning classes is different from the trainer in the evening classes. Both of them are excellent trainers and very knowledgable, but they have different styles. Personally, I mesh better with the trainer in the evenings. She knows just how much to push me and when I need a little extra encouragement to keep going. The morning trainer doesn’t have that figured out, and our personalities just don’t mesh as well together.

The Community Aspect

In addition to not having anyone in the morning class to help me stay accountable, my evening classmates feel like a family. We all talk together before and after the workouts. We work together during strength exercises and we are all closer to the same ability level. In the morning class, everyone is very quiet and doesn’t spend time chatting and getting to know each other (it is 5:30 a.m., so I get it!). I am also nowhere near at the same level of fitness as the rest of the morning class, which makes it especially hard on partner workouts and exercises.

So, what am I going to do about it?

I’m going to switch back to evening workouts. Yes, this takes away evening time I need for my side hustle, so I’m either going to have to stay up a little later, or get up earlier (at around 6:00) to get some more work done.

One thing’s for sure, I’m counting down the days until I can quit my full-time job and have more flexibility!

What would you do if you were me? Have you ever been stuck in a work out rut?

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