Struggling to Stay Awake During the Day? Here Are 3 Tips to Help

By Kennedi Rose / August 24, 2015

You snooze, you lose ? especially if you?re getting your Z?s during the day when you?re not supposed to!

Do you struggle to stay awake during the day? Whether you had a big party or an inadequate sleep the night before, staying awake during a long day can be tough if your body isn?t feeling rested and refreshed. If you are finding it hard to stay awake for the majority of the day, there are many tricks you can adopt that can help you to stay alert. Here are three of them.

1. Sleep Better During the Night

To stay alert and aware during the day, you need to sleep well at night. The solution for you really might be as simple as improving your nightly slumber. The best way to sleep better is to invest in a proper mattress. A good mattress can make all the difference in your sleeping habits and level of comfort. For a wide range of mattress choices, browse a store like Sleepy?s that houses multiple styles and brands. Once you have a suitable mattress for your body and sleep style, you will find yourself more relaxed and falling asleep more easily.

2. Stimulate Your Senses

During the day, you can keep yourself alert by constantly stimulating your senses. Drink water, suck on mints, eat snacks, look out the window, tap your feet on the floor, clap your hands together to keep your hands active, and take a walk and breathe in fresh air. Stimulating your senses keeps you from falling into a lull of activity by staying too stationary. If you are alert at all times, you are less likely to succumb to dreariness and fall asleep. Depending on your daily routine and patterns, try different things each day so that your body is forced to remain active.

3. Change up Your Daily Patterns

Change up your daily patterns slightly so that your body does not get too used to a routine. If you stick too much to a routine during the day, you might find yourself going into autopilot mode, which makes it all too easy to nod off unexpectedly. If you change your daily patterns by moving around the office, taking a shower first thing in the morning, eating breakfast a little bit later, exercising earlier in the day, going for an afternoon walk, and so on, you are not allowing your body time to realize it is fatigued. Staying active during the day is also a good way to boost your energy levels over a longer period. Higher energy levels will help you to stay alert without tricking your body into being alert.

There are many ways to keep yourself awake during the day. Some are quick fixes that do not require much effort, while others involve a longer approach that you can adopt over time to keep yourself from feeling chronic drowsiness altogether.

What are your best tips for staying awake during the day?

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