How to Stay Slim, Despite the New Years Party

By Kennedi Rose / December 28, 2011
stay slim on new years

If you’re like me, New Years Eve consists of eating cookies, eating cheese, drinking beer, then drinking champagne …

Uggh. No wonder everyone’s New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. We’re all starting the New Year off on a bad foot.

Here are 3 tips for staying slim throughout the countdown to 2012.

#3: Eat Before the Party

Chances are, there will be nothing healthy to eat at the party. In fact, there shouldn’t be. No one wants to go to a party to eat healthy food.

So eat at home before you go out. At least have a small snack, to keep your hunger at bay. You can still sample all the delicious foods that your hostess prepared, but snacking on something healthy ahead of time will help you limit your portion size.

#2: Nurse One Drink

People love to put a fresh drink in the hand of someone whose glass is empty. It’s simply good hosting.

So I recommend nursing each drink very slowly. It will discourage people from constantly re-filling your glass, which will spare you the extra calories AND the hangover.

#1: Wear a Little Less

Here’s a tip for showing some skin and feeling good about it: being chilly actually helps you stay slim. Your body’s metabolism has to speed up in order to regulate your body heat and keep your insides warm, so standing in chilly weather helps you burn off that eggnog and champagne.

Maybe this is why all the festive, eating-centered holidays (such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) happen during the cold months, when our bodies need the fat to stay warm.

Finally, a justification for wearing that slinky dress.

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