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Spring Flowers – Face & Fitness

Spring Flowers

By Kennedi Rose / March 24, 2015

I know Spring’s only just sprung, but we’ve been having some amazing weather in my neck of the woods the last few weeks. This weekend it got to 80F on Saturday and was gorgeous! (Jealous yet?)

Due to the changing of the seasons, I wanted to share some fun spring pieces with you today.

I don’t know if you know this, but I used to be a total tomboy and there was no way I’d have ever been caught dead wearing floral printed anything. But these days I’ve gotten a bit more girly and I do have a couple of floral printed items in my closet, including some super cute wedges that I can’t wait to break out and wear. In fact, I might have to plan my outfit around my shoes tomorrow because I’m so anxious to wear them, haha!

With that in mind, here are a few floral pieces I found that I’m absolutely loving!



Black Floral Shift Dress – This is a great option for day or night depending on how you accessorize it. Plus, we just talked the other day about how shift dresses can be used year round.

Floral Wedges – I have a pair of floral wedges in my closet that I absolutely love! I never knew how versatile they’d be when I bought them. You can pair outfits of almost any color with floral printed accessories since they have so many colors in the print.

Floral Pullover – This is a super cute shirt and floral prints with a navy background are very in right now.

Floral Cardigan – I love this gray and floral cardigan. It’s perfect for early mornings or late nights when the air has a bit of nip to it.

Navy Floral Scarf – Floral, navy, and a scarf. What more is there to say about this piece? 🙂

Floral Sunglasses – How cute are these? I love the vintage feel they could bring to your outfit.

Floral Sandals – Not only do these sandals have a slight floral print to them, they also have some bling!

White Floral Dress – I love the light color of the dress with the dark trim. This dress screams classy.

White Floral Scarf – Again, I just love scarves and they bring just the right amount of floral and girly-ness to an outfit.

If you think you can’t pull of floral because you aren’t overly girly, think again. Try floral in small doses, like a scarf, shoes, or sunglasses first.

You can also try pairing a floral skirt or dress with some tougher or more structured accessories. I’d consider wearing a black leather jacket with the white floral dress on the bottom row for a night out.

How do you pull off floral prints in your wardrobe?

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