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Smile at Summer! – 8 Health Tips to Help Keep your Calm this Summer – Face & Fitness

Smile at Summer! – 8 Health Tips to Help Keep your Calm this Summer

By Kennedi Rose / June 15, 2016

Summer?s here and we all know what that means. While you may be thinking of beaches and sun baths and lots of ice cream to have, you may also want to consider the sweat, exhaustion, dehydration and heat strokes. If you want to enjoy the first set of illustrations this summer, then you will need to keep yourself cool and calm and that is not so easy with all the work and kids and the amount of time you will spend outside the house. Hence, you need a few things that will help you out and they are called tips. Here are some health tips for you to follow to keep your cool this summer rather than blowing it off on someone who doesn?t deserve it.

  1. Wear light colored clothes.

It is understandable that you want to look your best to work and maybe you do look speechless in a black dress. But you might be the only one to be in black and you will not find it fascinating when people look at you sweating all through that hot and happening outfit. We all know that dark colors attract more sunlight and in turn will leave your body at boiling temperatures. Hence, be smart and opt for light colored dresses and outfits and also while you do pick them out, make sure they are a bit loose than usual. The loose outfits will help you in breathing when you are sweating due to the heat and you have your clothes sticking on to you.

  1. Change your workout routine.

Your enthusiasm and zeal towards fitness is well appreciated but it would be a smart thing to alter your workout routine. Firstly, the timings of your workout need to be shifted to the time when it is much cooler outside and this is applicable especially to the ones who go on a jog or run. Also, downscaling to brisk walking instead of jogging till the temperature cools down would help you. Do not stop working out due to the heat even if you just started. Adjust, adapt and overcome it. In the passion for maintaining your fitness, do not end up fainting on the sidewalk due to the dehydration.

  1. A handy spray bottle in the refrigerator.

The amount of variation you experience in terms of heat and temperature in summer varies drastically. What may help you blow it off a bit is spraying some cold water all over your face and wiping it off. If you have just entered your home after a long day of work, then you can always walk up to the refrigerator and spray some cold droplets. How pleasurable will that be on a hot afternoon? Well, only if you fill it up and out it in the refrigerator.

  1. Shower more often.

If you take baths, it?s time to shift to having showers. You need to get your whole body cooled down and also get rid of all the dust and sweat that has settled on your body. So, shower and shower twice or thrice a day if you feel like. Taking a shower whenever you feel like will keep you in check with your body temperature and keep you fresh and active all through the day. However, be a little watchful so that you do not waste a lot of water but make sure you make the most of your shower time.

  1. Portable Fans.

You could get yourself a portable fan and you will be finding it quite a handy thing to have when you are dripping of sweat beads or even being fried due to the heat. These battery operated hand fans are widely available and can be purchased at almost no cost at all. Also, you may improvise by attaching the fan to a bottle of cool water and you will end up having yourself sprayed by some cool mist. Try and improvise and you will be on your way to beat the heat.

  1. Drink lots of fluids.

You already know it but you need to keep in mind that it is not just any fluids. To be specific, drink lots of cold fluids and keep away from alcohol and caffeine at any cost. Products containing caffeine and alcohol will make you dehydrated and leave you wanting for more fluids. Pretty much opposite of what we are trying to do here. Drinks lots of fluid and make sure that you consume more of water than any other form of fluid. Water being a natural electrolytic solution will keep your energy up and if you wish, you could also use some electrolytic mix in it to make it tastier and little richer in energy for your needs for the day.

  1. Watch what you eat.

You may not be paying much attention, but what you are eating is also playing a direct role in the process of your dehydration and hunger. You need to eat more water and fiber based fruits which control the heat growth of your body and make sure that you tend to maintain your body temperature as low as possible. Fruits such as watermelon will keep the water content in your body at a good level and bananas will ensure you get the instant energy you may need at any point of time during the course of the day. Also, coconut water acts as a source of energy. Hence, make it a point to eat lots of fruits at periodical intervals of time and keep yourself in great shape.

  1. Air conditioning.

Yeah, you are already looking for a source of air conditioning everywhere you go. Try and get yourself in to an air conditioned atmosphere as much as possible during the given time frame you spend outdoors. Be it in the car while travelling or a meeting with a client in a decent and cooled place. If you are making some trips with your clients to make a deal, then you need to keep it all under the roofs and with the chilled air to keep it running smoothly. Nothing is a spoil sport more than a sweaty day filled with irritation and frustration.

Those were the tips you could take to beat the heat this time. However, if you have figured out a few more ways to do so, do not hesitate to try them out. Other than the tips given, the usual routines of carrying your umbrella everywhere you go to save yourself from a heat stroke, a bottle of ice that will later turn into chilled water during the course of the day are to be followed depending on your time at disposal. It would be helpful to note that there are a great number of heat strokes that get reported every single day and it impacts people in a great way. Make sure you do not get yourself in such a situation and always keep in check with regard to what you wear, eat and carry along with you wherever you go. Having some instant sources of energy to use while going through a dehydration phase is what will help you out. So, be smart and you will be able to outsmart the heat wave in no time at all.

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