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Skin Pigmentation: Causes and Treatments – Face & Fitness

Skin Pigmentation: Causes and Treatments

By Kennedi Rose / October 4, 2018

One of the main reasons people visit beauticians, aesthetic clinics and similar establishments is to deal with skin pigmentation. It?s a problem that affects lots of people, for many different reasons and it can be hard to understand, let alone find a solution.

Today, we?re taking a look at this problem, explaining how it happens and how you can avoid it, as well as how to treat it.

What is Skin Pigmentation?

Nearly everyone?s skin is naturally pigmented, giving you your skin tone. It?s formed by a substance called melanin which in different concentrations can give you any shade of skin.

It?s natural for your skin to experience changes in pigmentation: we all have a natural skin shade that can shift over time, in the long term as we age and in the short term as a response to exposure to the sun.

As long as you?re taking care and wearing sunscreen you don?t need to worry about this ordinary process of pigmentation change. It?s when the cells that produce your melanin become damaged, causing a dramatic, concentrated shift in your natural skin tone that you could have a problem you need to address.

It can be caused by sun exposure ? concentrated patches of skin overreacting to sunburn, essentially ? as well as chronic medical issues like rosacea and stressors like high temperatures and even hormone changes like the ones experienced during pregnancy.

If you experience some pigmentation changes that aren?t connected with an existing condition, you should check with a doctor to ensure there?s nothing more serious going on. When you know you have an aesthetic problem to solve, it?s time to look for aesthetic solutions.


If you?re suffering from a spot of skin pigmentation or discolouration, you do at least have a variety of solutions to pick from.

There are topical creams you can apply that can treat patches of discoloured skin. They use different methods to work but many of them first exfoliate away dead and dry skin, then even out the colour of what remains. Over the course of a few treatments and combined with a good concealer these products can have a dramatic affect! You should be wary and always check the ingredients: among the legitimate beauty products you might also find harsh skin bleaching creams that could do more harm than good.

Another solution, often faster and more direct, is to opt for laser treatment! This can work birthmarks, freckles and age spots as well as the discolouration we?ve mentioned above, and it can be minutely targeted to only the affected areas of skin. This burns away the build of up ?melanocytes? ? the cells containing melanin ? under the skin, so that once the area has healed you have a permanent solution.

Not everyone is suitable for laser treatment, and it does have some necessary recovery time and after treatment so make sure you discuss it with a specialist before you commit.

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