Skin Care Wednesday: 6 Cheap Ways to Stay Hydrated

By Kennedi Rose / October 26, 2011

Winter’s approaching, which means your skin is probably getting drier, thanks to all that cold breeze that’s now blowing in your face.

But hydrating skin creams can cost a bundle. What are some cheap ways to keep your skin hydrated?

1) Apply cream while you’re in a steamy bathroom.

The heat and steam will open your pores, allowing them to better absorb your moisturizing cream.

2) Spritz rosewater on your face.

Splurge $1 – $2 on a bottle of Evian, mix it with a dab of rose oil, and put it into a little spritzer — you can grab one from the travel section of your local Target or Walmart for about a dollar. Lightly spritz throughout the day for a great-smelling refreshing mist.

3) Drink water!

Don’t forget that beauty comes from the inside-out. Drink tons of water to keep your skin hydrated!

4) Eat good fats.

Again, beauty comes from the inside-out, which means hydrated skin reflects a diet filled with “good” fats like walnuts, canola oil and fatty fish. Vitamins A and E also help your skin look great — consume this in the form of pumpkin, squash, olives and spinach.

5) Avoid alcohol.

One drink every now and again is okay, but too much alcohol dries your skin and dialates your blood vessels.

6) Wear sunblock.

Yes, even in the winter. The UV rays from the sun, which penetrate through clouds, damage and dry your skin.

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