Simple Tips To Get Physically & Financially Fit At The Same Time

How to Work Out on a Budget

Finding enough hours in the day to get everything done is getting harder and harder these days. Time, it seems, is in short supply, and it?s at these times when we may need to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

If you?ve been neglecting both your physical and financial ?fitness? of late, then it?s actually possible to work on restoring both of these at the same time. Indeed, there are a number of things you can do to work on your overall fitness whilst helping your financial future, and if you?re interested in them you?d be wise to read on.

Here are 3 tips that will allow you to get both physically and financially fit at the same time.

1. Quit the gym and exercise outside.

Let?s face it: gym memberships don?t come cheap, and quitting the gym, and going outside instead, can save you lots of money in annual gym membership fees. If you?re committed to a better financial future, then this can be one of the best decisions you make.

Exercising outside allows you to get much needed fresh air, instead of the stale variety found inside even the most well-ventilated gyms. It?s a totally free way of exercising (well, you?ll need to buy decent running shoes, of course!) and can be done almost anywhere in the world.

2. Listen to financial podcasts whilst running.

Related to the above, it?s also possible to learn about your finances (and about the financial world in general) whilst exercising through one of the many great podcasts available online these days. All you need is a computer and an MP3 player and you can turn what would otherwise be a boring run into an educational experience.

You can learn heaps of great tips and advice on better managing your financial situation through podcasts ? e.g., how debt consolidation can help in bucket loads if you?re currently paying off multiple credit cards debts click here to check out Fox Symes who are experts in the matter. This is especially effective if you?re more of an ?aural? person than a reader, and find yourself lacking the time to read normal books.

3. Save on transportation, and ride to work.

Instead of driving to work and spending hours each day sitting in traffic, opt to ride your bicycle instead. Riding ? instead of driving ? can save you lots of money in fuel costs, tolls, and bus or train tickets. And, most importantly, it allows you to get your exercise fix each day ? without having to spend hours in the gym.

Sure, you?ll probably have to wake a little earlier this way (although often this isn?t even the case), but you?ll be killing two birds with one stone. And your waist band and bank account will be all the better for it at the end of each month.

Sometimes we?re forced to think creatively to solve problems in life. Not having enough time to exercise or learn about the world of finance, are two areas we often neglect due to not having enough time. However, this need not be the case. It?s actually possible to work on both of these areas at the same time.

So take note of the above the next time you feel you don?t have time, and work on your physical and financial fitness simultaneously.

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