Siberian Health Company

By Kennedi Rose / September 18, 2017
Siberian Health Company


The idea of Siberian Health and Beauty Products came in 1996, when two young people, just barely out of high school, had a remarkable idea.

They had an idea that if they could figure out how to make a product by extracting the special herbs that grow in Siberia to make dietary supplements, health and beauty products it would be an excellent way to promote the health and beauty needs of customers within Siberia and beyond; possibly to even the international marketplace. So was the beginning of the Siberian Health and Beauty Products online store.

Siberian Health is a company that has been caring about the health of men and women for almost two decades. Since originally being founded in Novosibirsk, Siberia, in 1998, by the two kids with a dream. The company is dedicated to the development and production of dietary food supplements and cosmetics that are kept biologically active; and have been proven to be healthy, in long-term studies that are continuously being done on the many benefits of medicinal herbs found in the Lake Balcal and Gorny Altai.

After only a short time,(five years) the company began to grow like a wildfire burns fresh kindling. No one expected this product line would take off as quickly as it was. Because of the overwhelmingly popularity, the company had to think of ways to meet the increasing supply and demand ratio. The CEOs broached the subject of a possible “in-house” production, since their scientific associates could no longer handle the increasing numbers of product in demand. So in 1999. it was decided that it was time to launch the first ever complex of the in-house production line.

Everything was moving along so quickly once the Corporate Research and Innovation Center began taking action in 2001. Once the product had been perfected, they would need to pick a catchy logo for their product. As well, a design for packaging needed to be discovered. Even though the company had already started to actively promote the product in 2004, patents had not yet started to be issued until 2007. This new brand of product was becoming revolutionary to the health and beauty markets. Currently, the company’s manufacturing in the in-house complex was more than meeting Russian and international standards and expectations.

The Scientific Department’s goal is to do research with the most cutting edge of technology; and have the ability to implement plenty of clinical trials to the products introduced. These products are for new and improved dietary supplements, vitamins, and health & beauty products for both men and women. Ultimately, the goal is to be able to develop their very own special formula for this new brand of products.

Some products available on line are “Siberian Propolis“; in fact, one of the special propolis formulas is the “Garnet Siberian Propolis.” This Propolis helps to maintain the sexual and immune systems, it’s a special Siberian Folk medicine recipe containing deer antler. Proven to be a quite popular and beneficial dietary supplement. There are also supplements available for a healthy heart; such as, the Legendary Siberian Chai, a cardio balanced tea made with “altay ziziphora herb”. Just some of the heath products available. The “Pantoral,Siberian Red Root and Deer Antler” supplement is part of the active series. This one in particular helps to maintain sexual health of both men and women; and “helps support the body’s natural recovery functions after exercising.” There is also several skin, hair. and oral care products available.

As one can see, the Research and Innovation Center continues on course with their original mission to keep up with Russian and international science, by the constant launch of new and improved products.

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